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Ziegler is a specialty investment bank with unique expertise in complex credit structures and advisory services, and all church finance services. Nationally, Ziegler is a leading investment bank with its specialty sectors of healthcare, senior living, religion, and education. Ziegler serves institutional and individual investors through its capital markets and wealth management distribution channels.

Since our first financing in 1913, Ziegler has become a recognized leader in providing creative, tailored solutions to religious and educational institutions.

Focusing on multidenominational places of worship, churches, and K-12 private schools, Ziegler offers long-term, fixed-rate financing, tax-exempt financing and short-term, variable rate financing. Whether you need to expand existing facilities, refinance existing debt, acquire land or finance new construction, Ziegler can customize a solution that’s just right for your organization. In fact, our financings can give your organization a conservative way to borrow a large sum of money, while providing great flexibility.

Ziegler can assist your organization with:
  • Long-term, fixed-rate mortgage financing with fixed rates up to 25-years
  • Tax-exempt bond issues for school ministries and certain community center projects
  • Shorter-term borrowing solutions for construction financing, bridge financing or property acquisition

Ziegler has over 100 years of experience in lending to churches nationwide – more than the combined church lending experience of most of today’s national specialized church lenders. 

We have underwritten church financings/loans for many types of organizations – from multi-million dollar mega-campuses to small country churches. Some of America's largest churches obtained the financing for their major projects through Ziegler, including Saddleback Community Church, Vineyard Community Church of Cincinnati, EagleBrook Church, Hunter Street Baptist Church, Northridge Church and many others. But equally important are the smaller neighborhood churches we also work with as well. All great organizations impacting their communities.

What our experience means to your organization is that our bankers understand your plans, your financial statements, your specific business challenges and your organization's dreams. There is no learning curve when you apply for church financing/loan with Ziegler. Being a national lender to churches allows us to transfer and apply our knowledge to your organization's project. We've seen what has worked and what hasn't for ministries across the country.

We are your partners, bringing you value added information is it relates to not only financing but project planning, fundraising and construction. We understand the issues religious organizations face, and we know how those issues can affect the outcome of a project.

And when it comes to church financing/loans solutions, there is no one better to dialogue with than Ziegler. We can bring the table the full complement of solutions to consider whether that is long-term financing, short-term financing or even tax-exempt options for your loan.