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Mark Meyer
Director of Business Development

Our mission is simple. We help churches get unstuck.

To accomplish that mission, we build our team based on an essential set of values.

Kingdom Impact

Everything we do is about spreading the Gospel and helping people become disciples of Jesus.

Forward Thinking

We are a group of continuous learners who take risks and challenge the status quo.

Strategic Action

We believe in gathering the facts, planning ahead, and courageously seeing plans through, knowing accountability is essential for progress.


Our heart is to be good stewards of all God has entrusted to us, both time and resources.

A High-Capacity Team

We have a mantra: "The team outperforms the individual every time." Members of our team have a high capacity for managing their work efficiently and excellently.

Our Story

For 14 years, Tony Morgan served on the senior leadership teams of Granger Community Church, NewSpring Church and West Ridge Church. In that season, he started writing about leadership at tonymorganlive.com, while also authoring books and articles featured by Catalyst, Pastors.com and the Willow Creek Association.

His experience and writing often focused on having a clear strategy for ministry—a word few churches were embracing at the time.

In 2008, he started coaching pastors across the country. Through these coaching relationships, a theme became clear: Pastors felt stuck. In the following year, Tony was able to serve 10 churches, but more were requesting help getting unstuck than he could serve alone. So, he started building a team and developing a process that could help many more churches get unstuck.

Most organizations start, grow, thrive, lose momentum, decline and eventually end. We believe God desires that every church lives out its purpose at the pinnacle of sustained health. Our process is rooted in that belief, and we filter every aspect of our work through the lens of helping churches find health and effectiveness.

The Unstuck Group has served 300+ churches in the years since Tony first ventured out, and we continually work to refine and improve our process to serve churches’ needs better. It’s a spiritual endeavor of coming together as a ministry team to clarify where God’s called your church to go and how you’re going to get there. We walk with you through the process in four phases. Learn how our Unstuck Process helps churches get unstuck.
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