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Impact Stewardship Resources, Inc.
106 Mission Court Suite 103
Franklin, TN 37067

Phone: 615.457.3008
Fax: 615.372.0401
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Impact Stewardship provides full-service capital stewardship campaign consulting for churches and Christian ministries.  

Impact is rapidly changing the way churches look at funding vision, by challenging them to look at the heart of their people. We help organizations look beyond merely stirring amindset of generosity, instead examining the root motivation behind why and where people invest themselves. Creating a culture of faithful stewardship produces effective capital campaigns - not the other way around. 

Our success is best reflected in the hundreds of ministry and church consulting partners that report experiencing the most successful capital fundraising program in the history of their ministry - far exceeding industry averages. Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, Impact develops comprehensive campaign programs that combines innovative techniques with Biblically-rooted stewardship principles. By partnering with us, churches gain access to the widest range of campaign consulting services available in the industry. 

Most churches view their capital stewardship campaigns as one-off events, strongly organized but stressful and therefore avoided until absolutely necessary. To change this paradigm, we would suggest that the two or three year focus needs to be viewed as a just one piece of an ongoing, holistic approach to your church's financial health. 

Big-picture strategy (download the brochure (PDF) here) involves equipping and engaging your church during that three-year term in such a way that hearts and lifestyles change and mature. So radically, in fact, that in "month 37"you see the transformation continue to bear fruit beyond the campaign focus. Church leadership must nurture a "big-picture" plan and then commit the energy necessary to implement it.

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