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Find a Certified Member
Certification is awarded to members after an intensive one-day training session featuring nationally recognized leaders in church lending, stewardship, facilities management, architecture, construction and project management. In addition, candidates are required to write a thesis creating expansion solutions for a church building scenario and pass a written exam. Members are originally certified for a two-year period with annual refresher courses that extend certification by two years.

Talk to a Certified Consultant about:
  • Green Church Solutions
  • Demographics
  • Communicating Your Vision
  • Multi-Site Churches
  • Masterplanning And Programming
  • Stewardship
  • Financing for the 21st Century
The NACDB Certified Church Consultant (CCC) program is designed to help facilitate the education of professionals and staff in becoming church development experts.
National Association of Church Design Builders | Building Solutions
Because you’re a member of the NACDB, we know the value and quality of your work. Becoming a Certified Church Consultant is the next step in rising above the competition.

In just ONE training day, you’ll learn valuable knowledge to better your business from nationally recognized leaders in church lending, stewardship, facilities management, architecture, construction and project management. Upon completion, you’ll not only receive the title of Certified Church Consultant, but you’ll be given the CCC logo to add to your webpage and be placed on our premier CCC list for the entire world to see .

National Association of Church Design Builders | Building Solutions
CCC Training & Re-certification in ONE day!
September 11 | Globe Life Park
1000 Ballpark Way, Ste. 305 Arlington, TX 76011

Rates:   $750 for first employee
              $550 for each additional employee
              $250 for certification renewal
Chris Ritchie: Centurion Construction Group
Bob Carrell: T&W Church Solutions
Bryan Gonnella: CORE Design Group, LLC
Nick Dreisbach: CORE Design Group, LLC
Raffaele De Gregorio: Rugo Stone, LLC
Jeremy Chubb: Providence Engineering
Justis J. Miller: Evans Construction, Inc.
Keith Shaver: ATV/Next Level - uniview tec
Crawford, John
Niswender, Chris
Vebares, Teen
Fisher, Sean
Gonnella, Bryan
Dreisbach, Nick
Hood, Doug
Stewart, Rick
Derrick, William M.
Johnson, Mark
Miller, Dustin
Tohulka, Adam
Yoder, Enos
Smith, Dow
Evans, Chase
Evans, Stuart
Miller, Justis J.

Fuqua, Max
Griffin, Bob
Popp, Bill

Gerber, Robert
Archer, Kelly
Imhoff, Scott
Vogler, Stephen
Boling, David
Doby, Steven
Shannon, Marshall
Wall, Brad
Smitherman, Rodney
Batten, David
Fletcher, Donnie
Klein, Jordan
Martin, Adam
Masters, Bryan
Magby, Joseph
Packard, Jeff
Charon, Chad
Pieters, Erik
Reiser, Dale
Reiser, Bryan
Camilleri, Karin
Ruby, Nathan
Thompson, Shawn
Elliot, Marty
Harrison, Dickey
VanCleave, BJ
Cantrell, Ron
Crumley, Trey
Loughridge, Scott

Smith, Sam
Carroll, Danny
Crostreet, Bryan
Williams, Kurt
Huey, Andrew
Shehorn, Stephen
Howard, Tim
Aker, Chuck
Carrell, Bob
Dubree, Adam

Kuehn, Charity
Waldon, Ravi
Beyea, Andrew
Ziska, Richard
Huismann, Gerald
Wissing, Chris
Spotanski, Stacy
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Here's our Complete List of Certified Church Consultants!
Ritchie, Chris
Shaver, Keith
De Gregorio, Raffaele

Chubb, Jeremy
Janaskie, Michael

Kinghorn, John
Renee Mueller